510 E-Cig PCC Charging Case with Built-in Battery and Battery Meter - Black

510 E-Cig PCC Charging Case with Built-in Battery and Battery Meter - Black
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This Portable Charger Case (PCC) storage case for the DSE510 series electronic cigarettes comes with a built-in li-ion battery which allows you to recharge your 510 series e-cigarettes on-the-go.   There is one charging slot and one storage slot for your batteries so you can use one while the other recharges in this convenient carry case.  The LCD battery meter on the front lets you know how much reserve power is left in the case with the push of a button.  It has five(5) slots to hold your spare atomizers, filter cartriges, or cartomizers.  Take this with you on extended trips and don't worry about running out of power or filters on the road.

This PCC case recharges with a mini USB cable (included)

Also available in White.

This charging case has been tested to work with regular sized batteries from the following brands:

  • Smoke 51 Trio
  • The DragonFly 510
  • VaporNine Apex Starter Kit
  • Luci Ecig
  • Choice 7's (L88b compatible) Micro Kit, Micro Stealth
  • Blu cigs
  • Eluma
  • Volcano
  • Regal

Directions for Use:

Charging the PCC case - Using the included USB cable, plug the small USB end into the side of PCC case and the larger USB end into a standard USB port or use with our wall-to-USB adaptor.  The display in the LCD will go up and down indicating it is charging.  Once the PCC case is fully charged, the LCD display will stop going up and down.

Using the PCC case - One press of the button below the LCD will show remaining power of the case on the display.

To recharge your e-cigarette battery using the PCC case - Screw the e-cigarette battery into the second hole on the front row within the PCC.  Press the button below the LCD and the tip of the e-cigarette will flash, indicating proper connection and the LED on the PCC case will turn from green to red while it is charging.  Once your e-cigarette battery is fully charged, the LED color on the PCC will turn from red to green.

A fully charged PCC case can charge 5-10 e-cigarette batteries.



Lifecycle 300 recharges
Capacity 1950 mAh
Working Voltage 3.3 - 4.2 V
Charging Voltage 4.2 V

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