Instruction Manuals

Electronic Cigarette General Instructions:

1.     Remove the components from its packaging. Lay the components out on a clean area in front of you. Most modern electronic cigarettes are either a two or three piece design.

2.     Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the electronic cigarette battery is charged. Batteries from are shipped with about 80% charge so it can be put to immediate use.

3.     Two piece e-cigarettes compose of a battery and a cartomizer. To use, first remove all protective silicone plugs from the cartomizer. Screw the cartomizer directly onto the battery, making sure the connection is snug, but not over-tightened.

4.     Three piece e-cigarettes compose of a battery, an atomizer, and a filter cartridge. Some brands are screwed on while others are simply pushed on. There might also be other additional pieces used to hold the three parts together.  SERIOUS INJURY MIGHT OCCUR IF MANUFACTURER ASSEMBLY DIRECTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED.  Examine the filter cartridge before first use. Some manufacturers seal the end with foil or a silicone cover. Most of the foils are meant to be punctured while the silicone covers need to be removed. Refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.

5.     Place the electronic cigarette to your lips and inhale as if you are smoking a traditional cigarette.  The LED light at the tip should glow, indicating the unit is working.  If the LED does not light up as you inhale, look for a small button on the battery section of the unit.  Push and hold down the button to heat up the atomizer manually before each puff. Do not overheat the atomizer. If there are no buttons on the e-cigarette and the tip does not glow as you inhale, you might have a drained or defective battery.

6.     When air is drawn, heating elements in the atomizers or cartomizers heat up the liquid nicotine, turning it into the vapor which you can inhale.  Different model batteries, atomizers, cartridges, and cartomizers can all play a role in the amount of vapor produced. Experiment with different combinations to achieve your desired level of nicotine delivery. 

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